2019 Fishing Season has Arrived!

The 2019 Fishing season has arrived!. It’s time to get outside take in a deep breath of fresh spring air and meet us at the dock! So far the early season haddock fishing has been excellent and this will continue through the summer. Striped bass have begun to arrive as well. With mackerel becoming abundant the spring fishing is about to explode!

Tuna Season Starts June 1st and we will be taking tuna charters on a case by case basis.

Please come and join us for a fun private fishing trip! Call Capt Jeff at 978 360 3245.

Three New Trips!

Alright! We added three new trips!

The eveing fishing, Evening/sunset Cruise and the Fireworks Cruise. Each of these trips start in the early evening and get you out on the water for a nice ride a sunset and some fun!

Salisbury Fireworks

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Fishing Report 6.14.14

Fishing Report 6.14.14

The fishing saturday was great!  It looks like some more consistent catching of medium to large striped bass has started. 

Today we had a rare all female charter today. We are glad to have been a part of our passenger Kim ‘s  bachelorette party! This group of 5 lady fisherman landed 4 nice keepers stripers as well as about 2 dozen mackerel. wpid-2014-06-15-18.57.37.jpg.jpegThe ocean less than calm with 6-8 foot swells but it was not uncomfortable. We drummed up our mackerel and made a quick trip back into the mouth of the river. We were fishing the incoming tide. On our very first drift a 35″ striper slammed a live mackerel. At the same time we landed a short one and threw that one back. We repeated the drift and got hit again we did so until we had 4 nice keepers and it was time to return to the dock.  The fish were 35, 30, 29 and 28 inches .wpid-2014-06-15-18.57.12.jpg.jpegAnother charter boat captain friend of mine fished the afternoon on the opposite tide and landed 15 keepers on his trip. Keeping only 6 as his crew limited out on the fish.

Thanks for reading,

Capt Jeff!


Fishing Report 6.7.14

Our first tuna trip of the season!

Capt Ed and I headed out towards Jeffrey’s ledge to scope out the tuna situation. The harpoon boats have been working areas up and down the coast from Maine to Rhode Island. We had reports of activity on Jeffrey’s so we headed that way.  As we reached our destination we set up shop and started trolling a few squid bars. Things were looking good. Harpoon boats were working the area. we were marking tons of bait and more importantly TUNA!!


we were not able to raise any fish on our first pass. So we anchored on the edge of a nice area that was loaded with bait. Once we settled into our routine we commenced ground fishing for “local” bait. We managed to bring in a tremendous amount of haddock, many of which were smaller than the legal limit that had to be released.haddys We set an active haddock out on our kite and a few mackerel on our drop lines. unfortunately we were unable to secure a tuna but we know they are in the area and we will persist in catching some!

Til next time!,

Capt. Jeff

Fishing report 6.6.14

The fishing action has started to get better as we enter summer.

On Friday we had our first charter with Father and son team the “Fosters”The Fosters

We managed a few mackerel early in the morning but were unable to fill the livewell enough to fish the whole day. As Tide started to run out we drifted the  mouth of the river and picked up some schoolies on small pieces of clam. Towards the bottom of the tide we started fishing live mackerel, making short trips we were able to produce one fat  35″  keeper. Later that afternoon we ran out into deeper water and picked up another 25 mackerels.  Once the outgoing tide died down we were unable to produce any more fish, we trolled plum islands beach front and then drifted the incoming with no result.

Word from the rest of the weekend was that there were larger stripers feeding Saturday and a few were landed.

we will continue to update you as the season moves on.


Capt Jeff

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