Bluefin Blowout 2014

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It’s called the bluefin blowout. I would like 2-3 guys/gals to charter this trip it’s a two day tournament out of Gloucester. As a team we would get tournament swag, drink tickets and two dinners. There are 50 boats all competing to catch the largest bluefin tuna. It is a giant tuna trip and the boat does retain the fish. The cost is $2500.

There is a side bet run through the tournament called a Calcutta, last year the bet was $200 per day per boat. Hopefully it will be the same this year meaning if every boat was in the Calcutta there would be up to 20k$ In side bet money. Last year almost every boat entered the Calcutta. As a charter it will be your choice if you want to put in for the Calcutta and the winnings will be split by those who chose to take part in the event of a win. The Calcutta is a daily prize given to the boat with the largest fish each day.

It is very fun and it is 2 days of fishing.
The date is August 1-2.
You will not be let down this is a truly professional fun and well run event. We would love for you to be a part of it!